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Your opinion creates impact.

abillionveg is a platform for you to voice your opinion about anything plant-based or cruelty-free. We share your feedback with business owners to help them shift to more plant-based options, and we support animal rescue work around the world every time you review.


More than 100,000 reviews in 106 countries - and growing! Find a great dish or discover insights on new vegan products.


Your reviews help the community and contribute to making companies more sustainable.


You review, we donate. Make every review count for a life saved.

Join a movement for compassion

Your reviews raise money for our partners to support farm animal and marine life rescue initiatives around the world.

Be heard & drive change

Tired of getting a shrug when you ask about vegan options?
Make an impression with the right people by poking their businesses.
We share your feedback, reviews & options to help businesses improve.


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