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Product Manager



You'll be working with the product team to define and manage the road map.Together with the data team, you'll gather insights into product analytics and user behaviour. Along with the community team, you'll be aware of user feedback and requests. Combining an understanding of business goals and domain knowledge, you'll put together a well researched and well-reasoned strategy for solving user problems that ties into the company's objective.

Your day to day will involve working closely with the design and engineering teams to implement features and fixes in productive sprints. You'll keep the entire product team up to date with product metrics, and collaborate as a group to analyse the products for improvement on a regular basis.

Communication and alignment of the product vision and strategy is vital; you will achieve this with online status updates, written reports, team meetings and one-on-ones as appropriate.

We’re looking for an experienced candidate who’s ready to take on the responsibilities of being a leader, a mentor and a team player. You'll have solid fundamentals with technical product success and project management. You'll gather relevant quantitative and qualitative data to support your plans and get alignment around each project.

Ideally, you'll have experience in one of the following fields: social media, e-commerce, gaming, education, social impact or hospitality, and a foundational background either in design or engineering.

We want people with strong opinions but small egos, who make informed decisions but value what others think. We need someone willing to take and give honest feedback in order to drive the team, and the company, to greater heights. We value people who take the long view, but who can move quickly when needed.

You'll want others to succeed as much as yourself, and that will be reflected in the quality of your work and your communication with the team. You won't be married to any particular approach, but you'll make the right call for long term effectiveness and performance.

Ultimately, you'll be someone with a great track record with the desire to make it even better.

If you are keen to learn and grow together with our team and are excited about the impact you will be making on the plant-based movement, we want to hear from you!