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Eating healthy should be easy

Our mission

In the past we’ve heard scientists, politicians and activists speak about the environmental damage from fossil fuels, manufacturing and consumption. Recently there’s been more discussion about the impact of meat consumption. We believe the threat posed to us and our environment is far greater, as animal agriculture impacts everything from human health to animal welfare, world hunger, climate change, and sustainability.

Shifting our consumption away from animal-based products can be our generation’s defining sustainability triumph. But if we’re going to tackle this, we have to build a community of people around the world, working to create a movement to shift supply & demand.

Our research shows that most restaurants around the world have just one plant-based dish on the menu for every 25 dishes.
That’s 4%. Let’s fix that.

Technology can be an effective tool for social movements

Our platform is a tool. We’re working to remove the day-to-day friction of a plant-based lifestyle by building a discovery platform connecting people around great options. And we’re pushing further, combining technology with activism in a platform that helps you drive options at your local bistro or at a hotel halfway around the world.

Please join us! We’ve started this journey with food and with your help we can tackle a lot of other industries that urgently need to improve.

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